Why me? (continued)

When we spoke about quality and multiplicity, quantity, we meant something entirely different than your concept of infinity as adding endlessly more and more numbers on top of each other. That could be better defined as multiplicity. Multiplicity does not define how many, only that it is quantitative and many. Infinity, EYIN-SOF
(אין סוף - infinity in Hebrew) is something entirely different. It is a qualitative subject.

What does all that have to do with Rha? Well, a lot. When she thinks of herself as a quantitative unity, she gets all confused unable to understand where and how I come into the picture. She looks upon herself as an abstract number, like 1, connected up by strips and bordered by other definite entities, her whole self, oversoul, etc., seeing herself as a projection of this whole self.

Well, she is basically wrong on one count: she is not a number, not even the idea of a quantitative element, or I could not work through/with her. She is a quality like myself, but with a lesser, or shall we say, a much narrower scope of understanding. I come through to her on a conceptual level that only very few humans can tune in to. I shall explain why, which will in turn explain why I chose Rha to communicate my words.

She is one of those strange humans with very contradictory abilities. She is not really aware of what she is doing. Her ability to tune in to my 'vibrations' is of the subtlest sort, requiring freedom from fixed ideas within the quantitative. Most people can only grasp the infinity of endless additions, whereas she can grasp and experience qualitative infinity. Words cannot describe this 'state': it is either experienced or not understood.

I am directly communicating with Rha, whereas she is getting better at reaching my level. I cannot give accurate notions about people such as years, dates or places, for they are too blurry for me, my point of reference too wide to focus on such matters. I am here to teach you the make-up of the universe. I can see people's emotional dimension, their brightness and colors. Generally, my advice can be taken as sound, but in specific cases perhaps some entity closer to your domain may be of more use.

I do intend my teachings to be published in a way understandable to people, so they can learn from us.

Get this from me: I am here because I have to be here to further development of understanding for all of you.

What does it mean that SHET "has" to be here? Who orders him around? The explanation came few years later when we started understanding the non-linear loopy nature of existence. "I teach what is missing precisely so that humanity can reach a new age by becoming creators... There was need for your consciousness to develop, which development in itself triggered the flow of the new information I am providing. Indeed, I am opening the gates to the basic laws that enable you to create the mechanism that can create you to be creators, which laws actually triggered this entire universe into being."

Then, from a later session:

Q: In what ways is Rha a very special human being?

A: In her capacity for both linear and non-linear thinking, in her capacity for love and tolerance, and her ability to integrate contradictions in a harmonious way, so that the dynamic harmony is dominant rather than coming to a standstill, which often is the case for those with a lesser sense of humor. The opposites in her create a tension with a direction - my direction, spiritual direction.

At one point, I started getting worried that I might lose this connection. SHET calmed me: "In a way, you are part of me, so you cannot lose me." Still, I wanted to know more about our relationship. SHET kindly obliged: "You see, I have been working with you ever since you were a little girl, and you have noticed something when you suddenly realized what part energy plays in matter formation." (He refers to an incident I experienced at age 20. At that time I had no idea about Einstein's famous E=MC2. Nevertheless, I went to a public lecture in Tel Aviv University to hear Edward Teller. He wrote many formulas on the blackboard, which seemed Greek to me. The lecture was very interesting, I suppose, but I fell asleep. The only sentence I heard was that anything could emerge from a vacuum. Half a year later, I recalled this sentence and tried to figure out what to do with it. And then suddenly, it was as if I was hit by lightning: I knew with immense clarity that mass could be transformed into energy. It was like a divine revelation. My heart started racing and I felt as if I was being roasted. I wanted to scream EUREKA, but I couldn't move. Suddenly, I saw in 360 degrees. The walls became transparent, like hot air vibrating. I saw into the neighbors' apartments and beyond them, for their walls were also transparent. All objects became vibrating transparencies, also the floor and the ceiling and even my body. Soon after I fainted. When I came to, the walls were walls again, which was very reassuring. (When the walls became solid again, I was dying of curiosity: did I really see the neighbors' apartments, or only imagined it? I found an excuse to get myself invited in, and lo and behold, what I saw through the transparent walls was real.) "Time exists for you only because you have decided you cannot digest a great amount of knowledge all at once, so you prefer to do it gradually, which creates consecutive moments - time. Then you understood it all at once, and yet you had to break it down to grasp it with your physically oriented mind and worked on it for years. That is time. You didn't want to understand what you intuitively understood until you broke it down to seconds, minutes, years.

"The emotional aspects of your involvement are very interesting in as much as they fluctuate between emotion and reason only on the surface. Your real involvement lies in the deeper strata of understanding and observing those fluctuations. The ability to divorce yourself from your own involvement brings about a higher ability to cope with other aspects of disharmonious areas of your consciousness."

What SHET referred to by my real involvement was my way of thinking, the mechanics of my thinking process. Since this thinking process is what can collapse SHET's knowledge from the indefinite into the definite, that's the main reason for giving me this knowledge.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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