Why me?

Why does SHET give me this knowledge? I am constantly being asked this question, and I truly feel like a worn down phonograph record answering it (for the new generation, that's an old fashioned CD that after two or three times of use used to get stuck in one track, repeating itself). Experience has taught me that people are unwilling to listen to the earthly content of the messages I try to convey until they understand the unearthly origins of it. Most importantly, they want to know why this information is being given through me and not through someone else. I decided to include here parts of some early sessions so you can see what SHET has to say about that.

Tonight we are going to speak about Rha.

But let us start talking about infinity. If you take a number, let's say 1 - it is a very decisive, limited quantity: it is 1. Yet it is also a kind of infinity, which you can divide into infinite fractions, and fractions of fractions, so 1 is also infinity. Now let's take the number 2. That is twice 1 - it is 2 of the 1's. That would mean it is twice infinity. Now then, isn't that absurd even within your system of logic? Infinity is not something limited, although you can grasp a single infinity. But two infinities? And obviously numbers can go on and on: 3, 4, etc. to infinity. That would indicate the existence of an infinite number of infinities. That, however, is not so.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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