The SHET mechanism as trigger (continued)

In all my encounters I have never detected judgments in SHET. Humor, yes. Often his subtle sense of humor is evident. He responds with the same kind of patience whether the questioner is a professor doing very important research for the advancement of humanity or a person asking how to improve his relationship with his wife or kids. In the over one thousand sessions that I have had, no emotion was ever expressed but love. That lack of value judgment through which SHET handles the questioner and the questions posed to him is the essence of his teachings.

He teaches not by preaching or by conveying new dogmas or referring to old ones, but by triggering, stimulating the minds of his students. This stimulation is in line with SHET's nature, which I call the "SHET mechanism," wherein the student and SHET belong to the same framework. He does not provide chewed facts that one has to remember, but rather, triggers thinking. This is achieved by the interactive way in which both the student and SHET change during the interaction of learning.

Sometimes, it may almost seem that there is a contradiction in what is being said. These are the most interesting points that, when pondered, allow us to make the leap to higher levels of understanding. This intellectual activity is similar to the constituent processes of creative paradoxes, wherein the dynamic of our thinking elevates us beyond our capabilities. Interaction with SHET is an experience that is not only enriching but that changes us: a never-ending journey.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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