The SHET mechanism as trigger

"Without learning you only see the tip of the iceberg, and from that you conclude that there is nothing underwater. When you learn, when you know what makes things tick, you know there is more underwater than the eyes can see." -SHET

It was SHET's initiative to give the material as a dialogue: people ask questions and he answers. Both his philosophy and the scientific information, which instigated new scientific theories and models, were transmitted in this fashion. SHET relates to each person in that person's language in such a way that he or she can both understand it, albeit with some effort, and also act upon it. Consequently, he has helped hundreds of people. I hope that number will grow when people read, understand and apply what SHET is teaching.

The kaleidoscopic details were integrated, and like a puzzle, they settled into a practical worldview ever-developing the consciousness using it. Sessions with SHET have an effect of activating the creative aspect in the questioner, so that people who come to ask questions, in some mysterious way, find creative solutions to their problems. The answers are neither a "yes" nor a "no," nor prophesies of a predetermined future (the future depends mostly on what we do), but a different looking, which renders creative ways out of "stuck" situations. The most common question asked is, in its various manifestations: "Why am I stuck?" "What stops me?" "How can I overcome this or that obstacle?" The underlying topics can be personal or theoretical, like those posed by scientists and engineers when they come to a dead end. Artists ask creativity questions, and some writers who are blocked come to ask questions to avoid sitting around waiting for inspiration. People do their best to control their environment. They believe they can control their environment to some degree, but for some reason it is believed that intuition, inspiration, the muses visit one as they please. SHET has provided us with the understanding of the mechanism underlying creativity, be it artistic, intuitive, psychological or scientific creativity or creative solutions to daily life problems. This underlying mechanism is the infrastructure of SHET's philosophy.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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