Some SHET quotes (continued)

Although things might have some kind of continuance, some kind of existence, they gain meaning only when someone relates to them.

The means by which you perceive are the very means by which what you perceive was created.

Freedom of choice means you choose which price to pay; a price tag is attached to every choice.

All the cleansing processes of your psyche come to open the doors of your soul's castle, room after room, to proceed into the most hidden inner chamber, the holiest of holies within yourself. As long as impurities exist, unlimited access is denied to this chamber, which means that there is access to it through some doors but not through others. Thus the inner chamber cannot reverberate in full harmony with the Voice, only partially, and that sometimes creates dissonance. That is, when you have not worked out all the impurities there is dissonance. Sometimes it may be necessary to get through all the rooms in this immense castle, going through the dungeons, wading in the mire and mud, cleansing it all of bygone eons. Sometimes you discover tunnels and chambers you did not know were there. You must clean and light them one by one. When the castle is clean, you have access to the holiest of holies through all its doors. Then, when you enter this space, you hear the music, the harmony of the universe. You hear time from its onset to eternity. You hear the becoming, the continuous Creation, and through that music you can expand into the realm of All-That-Is with your human soul united with the wider you, connected to eternity.

When you'll respond to everything, then everything will be in you. Attaining this all-encompassing esthetics means attaining oneness. That you feel, is a pre-set condition. What you feel depends on your beliefs.

Real sensitivity is not sensitivity to the self, to be easily hurt and offended; that is the hallmark of the bubble syndrome. Real sensitivity is being sensitive to the other, be it man or beast, acting from the state of being of oneness, which is love.

Be the actor, not the act. When your whole world is you and only you, it is a small world and you are the act. When you are interested in others, when you can turn your attention outward, then you are the actor, and then you are the world, the big world.

The belief that there is a definable reality external to the perceiver is what brought science hitherto and also what hinders science from making the next breakthrough.

The common denominator between freedom of choice and poetry is that both are embedded in the dynamics of unknowing, the indefinite.

Why crave certainty? Life is uncertain. Life is existence and existence necessarily includes the indefinite, the uncertain. If you believe that continuance of what you know to be your reality is certain, then this 'knowing' precludes observation and interaction with changing conditions. Many misfortunes can be prevented if the choice of uncertainty is substituted for the illusion of certainty.

There is no such thing as how things really are.

Learning is motion in time and being confused is coming to a stand still for not knowing the direction to take.

Instead of an easy three steps to self-betterment, instead of answers, observe every time in the present.

The less motion the person can tolerate, the more fixed his beliefs are.

Nature has no sharp edges.

You can't divorce yourself, you'll have to live the rest of your life with yourself. So think before acting, can you live with yourself after the deed?

Relate to everyone as to someone important, and not because of what you'll get out of it, but because every living creature is important.

If you relate to someone as if he/she is not important, you've just created an enemy. Everyone wants to be important. People who "want" to be mistreated, people who worship those in power, are really not important, as they are not going to be faithful to you anyway; at the first sign of someone more powerful than you they will betray you.

Feeling unimportant and worthless is a kind of ego trip.

Referring to yourself as bad or good is the same in a sense; both are just labels that lead you to be self-conscious and consequently, prevent you from experiencing.

There is nothing easier than handling a person with a very developed ego: tell him how wonderful he is.

If you want guidance, then listen empty, without attributing it to some known form or dogma.

A loss is a feeling of time when you think something desirable was yours in the past, and which no longer is within your reach. Sadness is the feeling of loss over times that were and times that could have been.

Happiness is something that can be shared, whereas sadness, and all so called negative emotions, are results of being separate.

Self confidence is the ability to not focus upon the self, but offering others your full attention.

A dream, a fantasy can be the basis of a certain reality, but it should not be mistaken for reality.

In order to influence your external, physical reality, you ought to control what's inside your mind.

Loving yourself is not necessarily accepting yourself. That would mean that you are something static, a piece of furniture or something that has to be accepted. Loving yourself is being the actor, doing things that you enjoy doing and thereby enhancing your power and energy.

The basic question one should ask in any relationship of the sexes is: "does it make me feel more alive?"

The essence of any relationship or reality is its continuity.

Two emptiness don't make one fullness.

If you invested your energy in creativity instead of investing it in expecting miracles, you would inevitably create more energy, and in time, more money.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds

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