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Do you know the feeling when you have so much to choose from that you are unable to choose? This is how I feel trying to share some of SHET's wisdom: the sheer quantity of it is overwhelming. In the following you'll find my random choice.

Focusing is definition. Definition is creation. When you want to create motion, change focus. When you want to stop motion, define. When you want to create potential, stop defining.

You are in God. If you try to put him outside yourself, you cannot communicate to him, you displace him, you separate yourself from him and expect him to answer. Rejoice in Creation. Be totally what you really are - the ability to learn, to love and to have fun. If you see Creation, if you see every organism or life form, including your body, as an expression of God, then you will experience the religious connection, THE connection. It is in you, in your eyes. Then you see God in all his Creations, and God is All-That-Is. Then you will be able to outflow with love and fun, and that is God's way of speaking: not to you, but through you.

Poetry is an abbreviation, capturing of a world in a word.

A moment is the hint of its own being; it only has meaning if it no longer exists.

Precisely the certitude in the rightness of one's knowing that the other is infallibly wrong is the motivation for perpetrating destruction.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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