How am I heralding?

For a long time after the onset of this connection, I still wasn't sure what was happening to me. I thought the material surfaced from my subconscious mind. If it was not my subconscious mind, then I expected some kind of entity to manifest itself. I would have been willing to put up with even a flimsy cloud, anything. When this did not happen, I was quite discouraged. SHET, however, continued guiding me gently: "You are making progress, assimilating and getting more materials in your dream state. Even your mind being interconnected with the physical body can assimilate only a certain amount of data. I am with you now, but you are with me all the time. Your doubts about me being a separate ‘person' or your subconscious come from our very delicate contact. Only part of the SHET consciousness is in your gestalt, whereas all of you are in my gestalt. This will become clearer to you later. I cannot release all the knowledge I intend to impart through you at one time because that would destroy my herald." Indeed, the material was so interesting, even the little I could understand at that time, that I gritted my teeth and went on learning how to receive information directly.

I was taught how to initiate contact and obtain knowledge. I do a specific focus that enfolds into a singularity above my head, from which a fountain of brilliant lights in all colors erupts, enveloping me like the field of a magnet. At the same time, this brilliancy whirls around me, picking up momentum and getting bigger and bigger until it reaches the size of the universe, creating a cone, the core of which is the me that is only a point. When this happens, I feel a pleasantly prickling feeling all over my body, as if a thick layer of energy enveloped me. That is the time when I split my attention and create an opposite motion of light blue sparkles inside the cone accompanied by an inner sound that becomes higher and higher in pitch, I erupt into this other dimension where the information awaits me. This is not a secret ritual. I have used this external exercise for several years to get focused. However, it is important to note that the exercise does not bring about the flow of information, and it might not fit anyone else. Today, in fact, I can split focus without the ritual.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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