How SHET sees the world

"Wars won't be needed when you can expand your beingness to include your mortal enemies; are you going to cut your own throat? When you are you, yet him too - you cannot hurt him without hurting yourself. As a matter of fact this is Karma: you do not get punished for what you have done to another; there is no one to punish you. It is not even your ideas of right and wrong that bring you to punish yourself - that comes later, after the fact; it is this misunderstanding, this individualization. When you have cut his head off, you have hurt yourself because you are part of that same organism."        -SHET

From here your universe looks like a kaleidoscope, any rotation of a moment taking billions of your years. It is of immense beauty, vibration within vibration of lives striking tones of colorful resonance.

The subject matter of body, soul, whole self, dream landscapes, crystal-animal-human-consciousness, thought and energy patterns, are all one gestalt of a dimensional profile, like so many layers encompassing each other. You can look at it from a cause-effect viewpoint: any of these could be the cause, the rest creating the ripples around it, like when you throw a stone into a pool; and you can look upon it from a non-cause-effect viewpoint, like a multi-focus whirlpool wherein each focus can be the ripple of the other and each ripple the focus of the other.

Imagine the picture as I see it, be it an object or an individual - as a vibrating core of consciousness with a large field around it vibrating, with other cores and fields of those cores within the field of our original core, as a constant interchange and intermingling of vibrations, a constant current of wavy, dynamic ever-changing colors. A percussion somewhere within this maze of vibrations resonates to the furthermost fields, and if you can grasp that there is no space and All-That-Is is each and every core of consciousness on all levels, then you will understand that each percussion will resonate in the remotest galaxies and furthermost dimensions.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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