How SHET sees himself

"I am a teacher and creator coming to impart the sparks of life and make you understand and love life - all life." -SHET

Q: What do you look like?

A: I don't think I look any way, I don't think so. I have never seen myself, you know? It is an interesting question. Actually, an introspective one, and if I were a computer, it could short-circuit me. Ha-ha-ha. What a wonderful question. I love it. I am something that cannot be seen, because there is no mirror that can reflect me, therefore I am forever - I cannot meet my mirror image. I have no image as such. I can un-focus or focus to a certain degree; when I am focused, you see me everywhere you look, or you don't see me at all, depends on where you look from. Nice question.

SHET describes in human words his world. The internal logical tension - the paradox of defining the indefinite - is his essence and the generator of Creation, creativity, perception, experience and awareness.

I don't see the Whole, because I am not external to the whole. I also don't see a specific whole that describes someone or something, because I don't see where "it" ends and other things begin. I also don't see the part, because I do not define anything infinitely. I only see partial processes and know the lawfulness. I know how to define or refrain from defining; I know how to specifically define a certain process so it takes on a specific direction. If you notice, that's all I am doing. Being aware is being indefinite and definite, being the dynamic process of awareness, the ever-continuing definitions - Creation. This paradox is my dynamic essence, and that's what I duplicate by making you aware. That's how I create you to create me. My choices are dictated by your make-up - or in other words, interacting with your structure and the therein included randomness determines the general direction of my choices when in interaction with you. When interacting with another, then my direction is the result of interacting with him. Being the process, the possibility of the realization of lawfulness, I gain my definition from you, from your perception, from interacting with you. When not interacting, I am indefinite of course.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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