How SHET communicates (continued)

A: I am really zero, a potential - so far only realized as a body of knowledge in the tenets of Holophany. Other than that, as that zero, potential of all existence, I am unknown. If you decide to forget about my tools, that's up to you, and even so, I can give you no more than tools - how to define the indefinite - and cannot provide you with a defined future or tell you what you should do. That's up to you. By giving you tools, I am giving you the perspective from what you call, "heaven's eye," as there I interact with the indefinite, not with the defined. What I have attempted to teach you was precisely that, so you can see on your own through "heaven's eye," to see how relations stabilize into an "entity" instead of relating to defined entities. By knowing the lawfulness, the likelihood of stabilization, the parameters that can stabilize a desired outcome, the parameters that are less likely to stabilize a desired outcome (statistics), one gains the tools whereby one can wisely engage or desist to engage in certain activities.

Q: David Bohm said: "The way we see is the way we think." You said of yourself, your "thinking, is." Do you direct your thinking from awareness? Do you willfully focus? How do you stimulate yourself? Do you willfully fix defined constellations?

A: I do not willfully fix defined constellations, only the underlying lawfulness that stabilizes such. My thinking, is, means just that. Yes, that is a kind of awareness, you could say, awareness of my thinking. You are not very different from me in that, only how we think is different, and I am trying to teach you how I think.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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