How SHET communicates

How to communicate with SHET? How is he thinking? When asked, how he is communicating to me, he answered:

I am not "talking to Clara:" Rha (SHET calls me Rha, not Clara) is listening and I am not talking. It's not an action. You act. I am. That's the basic difference between us. Whenever there is communication between me and Rha, or no communication from your point of view, it is no action from my side. I am: that's it. Thinking is an activity you do. When I think something in my dimension, that too is being. So what I think of you each you can deduce from this: what I think is. And if I say I love you, it is saying the same, since love is a state of being. You want to communicate to me, with me, or do you want me to communicate to you? Anyway you want it, it is only possible through you, not me. It depends on your willingness to sacrifice in order to approach me, that is when you sacrifice whatever makes you separate from me; you are in me, yet separate when you look upon yourself. When you do communicate with me, I will be different than now I appear to be, because this very communication is partly Rha, it is through her personality and through you I will be through your personality. Anything is possible.

When I focus in my world, this is contraction. Remember? Its complementary is giving, creating space in another dimension. Being in quality, oneness, does not necessarily mean contraction, it is not in space. Did you get it?

Q: Why can't you give me a perspective from Heaven's Eyes? Why must I have to be able to ‘see' it all through my own beliefs and judgments? Why can't I ask you to tell me what you see? This is between you and me, not between what you can teach on a general basis.

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The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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